KD250A H.55
Physical Properties
design type axialfan
air supply 3700 m³/h
pressure pt 235 Pa
speed controllable yes
impeller axial
size 300 mm
Installation site
machine or wall
mounting Built-in fan and Built-on fan
air direction at order
reversible with restrictions
Thermokontakt possible
possible temperature at nominal current -20 °C bis 60 °C
air supplyNenn 3000 m³/h
rotation speedNenn 1400 U/min
Electrical Properties
  Three-phase motor
voltage 400 V
frequency 50 Hz
other voltages not specified
Imax 0,85 A
protection class IP 44 to IP 54
other Protection classes IP x6
heat class F and H
star / delta connection yes
Material properties
material steel ring
surface Galvanized or powder-coated
impeller komponend plastic
stainless steel (V2A , V4A) possible
offshore modell possible
Property- Tests
climate chamber test yes  (design test)
salt water test yes  (design test)
protection class test: IPx6 yes  (design test)

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Axialfan LD302


The axial fan is also deliverable into high-grade steel and for the offshore use at a corresponding execution, see high-grade steel ventilators and offshore ventilators.

built-on ventilator
available from stock

built-in ventilator
available from stock

plate ventilator
available from 50 pieces


 Description of LD302 axial fan

LD302, an efficiently designed and quietly running fan with a rotation frequency of 1400 rpm and a voltage of 400 volts has a volume flow of 3700 m³/h and a diameter of 300 mm.

The fans, which have versatile applications, can be used, for example, to ventilate office spaces or to cool smaller generator rooms. However, they are most often used by our customers for cooling of or in machines. The version as axial installation fan can be used well in hall or office walls due to the stable installation ring, which is powder-coated or galvanized. This design is also well suited for use in containers.

Voltage and regulation of the LD302 axial fan

The 230 volt AC fans can also be controlled by TR46 temperature controllers from our offer.

For use in offices, air quality controllers are often preferred for control. The fans are also so frequently used in stables.

Thermal contacts in the form of bimetal switches are recommended for applications in high temperatures, as they can prevent damage to the motor.

The voltage of the motor is 400 volts and 50 hertz, but for the USA and Canada areas, voltages of 480 volts, 60 hertz and 575 volts and 60 hertz are available upon request. Special voltages of 500 volts and 50 hertz are also available by agreement.

By means of speed controllers in transformer design, which are also available in our versatile range, the fans can be controlled in the entire speed range.

Also the 230 volt AC fans are completely stepless and electronically controllable by speed controllers. In addition to temperature controllers and air quality controllers, the control can also be extended by CO2 controllers.

The three-phase motors can also be controlled by frequency converters. According to DIN-IEC/TS 60034-17, an all-pole sinusoidal filter must be added between the motor and the fan, depending on the frequency converter.

Stainless steel variants of the LD302 axial fan

Stainless steel fans in V2A and V4A are also available. Fans in V2A (material number 1.4301 or AISI 304 or X5CrNi189) are particularly popular in the food industry, unlike fans in special stainless steel V4A (material number 1.4571 or AISI 316 or X10CrNiMoTil810), for which locations with particularly salty air are preferred.

For the food industry, the motors, which are cast from high quality aluminum, can be left raw. Painting with food color is also possible. Upon agreement, production from special aluminum material is also conceivable in case of regular purchases.

Painting with paint that is particularly resistant to salt water is available for offshore applications.

Material of the LD302 axial fan

If required, the impellers can also be made of aluminum for higher temperatures; as standard, they are produced from fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

The variant of the rectangular plate fan is also available on request, but for cost reasons only from a minimum order quantity.

The standard IP44 protection class can be extended from IP54 or IP56 if required. This allows the fan to be used in humid environments.

The air direction is also freely selectable due to the flexible design and can be specified when ordering.

Technical illustration of the axial fan LD302

The air direction can still be reversed after ordering, but a 15% loss in air performance must be expected, as the impeller blades are profiled for optimum efficiency.
The motors are not standard motors, but specially developed by Kaiser Ventilatorenbau and adapted to each individual axial fan. According to DIN EN 60085, they carry thermal protection class F or H.
Type tests regarding bearing and installation temperature, salt water tests for the fans made of stainless steel in the offshore area and also IPx6 tests regarding humidity class can be requested.
Due to the energy efficient design, the fan is 100% compliant with the requirements of the ERP 2015 Ecodesign Directive (ErP Directive 2009/125/EC EU Regulation No. 327/2011) and carries the CE mark.
Weather protection dampers and discharge protection grilles are included in the offer.
CAD data are available in STEP exchange format on the company website. They can also be downloaded before ordering.

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