Some other selected voltages:

continent  voltage

  • Asien    50 Hz
  • Afrika    50 Hz
  • Australien   50 Hz   


country                  voltage/ frequency

  • Syrien                       400V/ 50 Hz
  • Liberia                 bis 480V/ 60 Hz
  • Saudi-Arabien    bis 480V/ 60 Hz
  • Japan                   bis 400V/ 50 Hz
  • Philippinen,Taiwan,Korea   bis 480V/ 60 Hz




We can deliver almost any fan with any desired voltage in three-phase current. There are only a few combinations in the 60Hz range and very unusual voltages that can cause problems.

With the 2 phase voltages (alternating current) occur almost the American 110 Volt, 60Hz. Otherwise, the European voltage of 230V, 50Hz is always sufficient.