ErP is the abbreviation for "Energy related Products". The goal of the ErP Directive 2009/125 / EC is to reduce the energy consumption of the affected products by means of an eco-design, for example an environmentally compatible design. For this purpose, EU-wide standards are set for each product group. Fans are subject to Regulation No. 327/2011. It describes fans with an electrical input power of 125 W to 500 kW. The ErP performance measure for fans defines the minimum efficiency for fans in the power range from 125 W to 500 kW. In assessing whether a fan meets the requirements, the efficiency of the entire system consisting of the motor and impeller is evaluated. The implementation of the ErP Directive takes place in two stages: 2013 Stage 1 and 2015 Stage 2. The requirement for system efficiency is a prerequisite for a CE marking and thus necessary for use in the EU Member States.

What are the advantages?

Efficient fans usually have more efficient motors and impellers / wheels. These fans can save up to 50 percent energy.

Do the KAISER fans fulfill the ErP 2015?

Yes, all of our fans fulfil the requirements of the EU Regulation No. 327/2011 of the ErP Directive. Only a few fulfill the requirements of ErP 2013 and are still being revised or are only intended for export. For each of these fans, we have a better alternative in the program that meets the ErP 2015.

On the basis of the data sheets you can see that the fans fulfill the ErP 2015.

We are ERP 2015 ready. kaiser erp2015