description Transformer control of the fans by 5-step switch
Three-phase motor 400V
Alternating current 230 V
  • Control by transformer without electronic components
  • No EMC problems
  • durable and robust, simple construction


variable speed control
description variable speed control
three phase motor 400V Transformative controlling
Alternating current 230 V Phase interface control
advantage stepless control for precise adjustment of the rotational speed


frequency converter A lot of different frequency converters are available in the market. Since most of our customers prefer certain brands, we do not have a direct offer. We can advise you, however, if required, or recommend certain frequency converters depending on the application. Not all frequency converters are suitable for small motors.

Important notes to be considered by using  frequency converters on small motors are described in the technical notes> Frequency converters.

Automatic control
description automatic control of the ventilators (fans)
three-Phase-Motors 400V
alternating current 230 V

Automatic control of the fans by sensor

  • temperatur
  • C02 value